2021 Summer

Welcome to my website

From the Wine and Watercolor class, July 21, 2021

We have a lot to talk about…We’re all working through COVID-19 together. I hope you’re all safe and enjoying this summer…as much as possible.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Margaret Horak, and I’m interested in a lot of things. I have a husband, Ray, and adult kids, Kristin, Brenna and Barrett. We have a cat named Hinata, and 10 chickens.

We live in northwest Washington State, USA.

We have 5 grandkids: Breanna, Nash, Gabby, Indie and Saaya (aka: Trinity).

I’m retired from contract work. I worked with a team of contractors for 18 years, writing courses for Microsoft. It was a lot of fun. I learned a lot, and met a bunch of nice folks along the way. I miss the work sometimes.

Now that I’m retired, I can work on what I really love, and that’s watercolor paintings. I love to paint, teach, show and talk about watercolor! I guess you could say it is my passion. I’ll be posting some paintings on this page, and stories behind them.

We also love to travel, where I can paint whatever I please. Yeah, it’s a tough life, but somebody’s go to do it. Am I Right?!

Thanks for following!

From my photo, taken at Ristretto Coffee and Wine Bar, Wine and Watercolor Wednesdays.